The “Manifattura Verona Confezioni” group was founded in Verona in 1958 by its CEO Alberto Bonazzi.

Mavecon was founded in what now is the company’s historic headquarters in Via Esperanto, 20, (Verona) in what would later become the most important industrial neighbourhood in the area. The tradition of the creating of casual and elegant menswear is currently carried out by the Bonazzi family, sometimes with bold decisions typical of the new generations.

The product line has in fact changed from the two-dart trousers in terital wool to the vintage five pocket-style trousers in printed fabric, from the three-button suit in light wool to the unlined, two-button one with hand-stitched buttonholes.

Because it is only through innovation that the present becomes the future.

Today Mavecon is a company in a full growth trend: future plans involve new openings of John Barritt stores in Italy. John Barritt is a Mavecon brand, the company founded by Alberto Bonazzi in 1958: starting from a revenue of 8 million euro in 2010, with 8 outlets, Mavecon reached 13 million revenue in 2014 with 11 retail outlets.

The flagship stores John Barritt are refined in every detail, from layout to exposition:

  • trend-style suggestions and outfits
  • ad hoc lighting system
  • cozy spaces as tailoring atelier
  • well-trained staff, as style consultant and personal shopper

John Barritt, inspired by the English style, creates a casual and elegant total look for every man. High quality fabrics and sartorial expertise: these are John Barritt's distinctive features that set it apart from its competitors.